Planet Care

With the tide turning for the microplastics pollution issue, PlanetCare’s team works tirelessly and passionately. They want to make living in a world without microfibre pollution a reality for all.

Who they are

PlanetCare is the leading developer of specifically designed filtering solutions for the removal of harmful plastic microfibres, which are released during washing of textiles and clothing. PlanetCare microfibre filter is the most effective product available worldwide; independent tests have proven it traps 90% of microfibres.

Microfibres are shed every time we wash our clothes. With more than half of our clothes made of synthetics (polyester, polyamide, acrylic etc.), small plastic fibres travel down a washing machine’s waste pipe during every wash cycle. Studies show that an average 6 kg load of laundry releases more than 700,000 microscopic fibres into the wastewater. And a staggering 35% of all microplastic found in the oceans are microfibres, released from our washing machines.

The story

Globally, 1.5 million tons of microplastics end up in the world ocean every year. That’s the equivalent of every human throwing away a plastic bag worth of microplastics every week. Microplastics have now been found everywhere; in the deepest part of the ocean, remote mountain peaks, and drinking water around the world. Research has shown microplastics cause poisoning, infertility, and genetic disruption. It poses a risk to all ecosystems as well as human health.

PlanetCare was founded in 2017 by Mojca Zupan, after she learned about the scale of the microplastic problem. She discovered that no efficient washing machine microfibre filter existed and felt compelled to do something about it. She left her career as a corporate lawyer and set up PlanetCare.

The filters

Today, PlanetCare’s microfibre filters are available worldwide, directly from the company’s online shop: The filter is an external retrofit device, compatible with all washing machines. Installation is quick and easy; users are guided through all steps by a ‘how-to’ video ( After the initial set-up, users need to replace a cartridge after approximately 20 wash cycles. Used cartridges are then sent back to PlanetCare (free of charge), where 95% of the cartridge is reused and 5% is collected for recycling. Sustainability is paramount to PlanetCare and the designed return-and-reuse scheme makes the solution entirely circular; ensuring waste minimization and stopping the release of fibers into the environment at any point.

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