Adam Reed

Adam Reed
31. May 2020 Joel Walser

Adam Reed

Pater et Filius takes five minutes with the uber talented Adam Reed– stylists behind London’s most unaffected and effective salon, Percy & Reed.With a range of products under their belt and a thriving salon with an instant calming atmosphere there is no stopping for co-founders Adam Reed and Paul Percival. Adam and Paul talk bad hair days and business and tell us what a day in the life of two of the most loveable stylists in London is really like

PetF: Can you clue any StyleNest readers on any exciting projects you might be working on.

Adam: I had just moved back from New York and joined with Paul’s agency. It was about three years in the making and we really just wanted to do something different. We started doing shoots together and shortly noticed how nice the atmosphere was and thought it would be nice recreate this in a salon environment. Usually the salon experience is stressful and women feel they have to put on their best outfit and we wanted to emulate what people were saying on shoots in a salon.

PetF: Can you clue any StyleNest readers on any exciting projects you might be working on.

Adam: We are launching a new salon – we can’t tell you too much at the moment. We really believe in fate, we had found somewhere that we both thought we liked but for various reasons it didn’t work out. Two days later we found this place and then I discovered that my grandfather in his plumbing apprentice had plumbed that same street. We also have some really fantastic new product developments coming through. As soon as we can we’ll let you know about them. We never rest on our laurels. Like the No Oil Oil or Dry Conditioner we want to bring the most cutting edge products of the moment.

PetF: Your range of products just keeps on expanding. What is your ultimate goal?

Adam: Both Paul and I have worked across the industry for many years. We would like three amazing destination salons in London and as a final project a six seater salon in Manhattan.

PetF: Adam, you began hairdressing when you were 13. Did you always know you wanted be in the industry?

Adam: I always wanted to work in the fashion industry and hair was a way of getting into it. I used to cut my sisters doll’s hair and I used to sit and clean the rollers when my grandmother used to have her hair done. Still today I absolutely love it.

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